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About Bataviaphotos.com

Bataviaphotos.com started its life back in 2001 as a promotional web site for the Photo Book 'Sailing the Last East Indiaman' - Batavia by photographer Jaap Roskam.

In spite of many attempts to get the book published on a larger scale it remained a fully hand-made limited edition. Looking back now almost 10 years later Jaap says: 'It was a sensational photographic experience, a great publishing learning sequence, a fantastic artistic adventure but not so much an economic success'. he continues: 'The about 175 Limited edition books found their ways all over the world. Even into the libraries of the Dutch Royal family. Some were auctioned for over $1500 AU$ for a charity Several Museums added a copy to their library and in the on-board library of the Clipper 'Amsterdam' a copy traveled around the globe. Etc. Etc. The whole experience was a unforgettable and worthwhile one.'

Some of the photos out of the archive where used in many publications like magazines , book covers , posters , post cards and alike.

As a big thank you to all the Batavia builders , sailors, supporters world-wide Jaap Roskam the Photographer now brings his photo archive of the ship Batavia available online in a terrific photo gallery

The photo Gallery is also viewable on the latest mobile devices like iPhone and iPad in the Batavia mobile Gallery , handy when you visit the Batavia in real-time ... or just at the comforts of your home.

To those who want to use the archive in other web sites or commercial publications a small fee may be charged. This fee will cover the expenses of this web site and keep the unique photo archive available for future generations.

The Batavia Photo gallery

The Batavia photo gallery is the main ingredient of this web site. At this stage the only photographer represented with his work here is the Dutch Australian photographer Jaap Roskam. Between 1993 and 1997 Jaap photographed the batavia intensely in the Netherlands. He made some of the most unique images of the Batavia just before completion with a large format camera, using 'good old film' at a size of 4"x5" ( 9x 12 cm ) !! Thee photos represent the Batavia in its highest detail photographed waiting to be launched still on solid solid at the batavia yard. later jaap photographed the batavia during its placement in the wet elements in Amsterdam. A story on its own. Soon followed by a series taken at Sail Amsterdam 1995. To be completed with a dedicated series in 1997. Those 'Dutch' series have still bo be scanned and inserted in the Photo gallery.

In Sydney Jaap was the only permanent active professional photographer at all the major events of the Batavia. The series he took when the Batavia was moored at the Australian National Maritime Museum show the ship in every details. The series of the Batavia sailing , alone and with the Endeavor are a world-unique set of images of the highest quality. The sailing photos show the Batavia in its true element and are proof of the sensational sailing qualities and immense pleasure the photographer had in this self-assignment.

Enjoy each and every photo of this huge gallery , if you would like to know more about any photo , like ordering an enlargement or usage right please contact jaap.

If you know of a sleeping Batavia photo archive taken during the construction of the ship in Lelystad Jaap would like to learn about it. Perhaps the gallery can then be expanded back to 1985...

The Batavia History

Besides photos this site describes a brief History of the old and the New Batavia.

To learn more about this famous ship you should visit the Batavia ship yard in Lelystad the Netherlands.